Self Defence Theory The Psychology of self-defence
Body Conditioning Fitness, stamina and agility
Advanced Anatomy Strike points, vulnerable areas and First Aid
Colour Coding Diffusion of dangerous situations: Yellow, Orange, Blue, Red
Advanced Blocks Hand, arm, knee and leg techniques
Hand Techniques Palm Heel, Knife Edge, Fist, Finger thrusts, elbow, back fist, Hammer, reverse knife-edge, 1 inch punch
Street Scenarios Practical simulations
Weapons Defence against guns, knives, machetes, sticks
Break outs How to break choke holds and grabs. Application of wrist locks
Lower Body Techniques Mid-section kicks, sweeps, take-downs, falls, stances, avoidance and strike intersections

“The mission of Martial Arts (Self-Defence) is to empower individuals of all ages, regardless of size or physical condition, to excel mentally and physically and develop the self-assurance that makes them champions in all walks of life. Congratulations, you have just started the journey towards being a Champion.”

Grand Master Pius Ilukhor
8th Dan