Humble Orji

Instructor Taekwondo

Humble Orji, Kukkiwon 2nd Dan in waiting is a Public Administrator by education has close on 15 years martial arts experience and is one of our most traveled instructors (within country). Her Laurels include:

  • National Polytechnic Games (Nipoga) Nigeria state, Kyrugi Gold Medalist
  • West African Polytechnic Games (WAPOGA) Accra Ghana, Kyrugi Gold Medalist
  • 5th Inspector General of Police Open Taekwondo Championship Lagos, Kyrugi Bronze Medalist
  • 14th PANAMAI Open Championship Cotonou, Benin republic, Kyrugi Bronze Medalist
  • Coupe AlFAGA 2nd edition, Naimi ,Nigeria republic .Bronze Medalist
  • AGOMA Opens Kebbi,.Kyrugi medal: Bronze Poomse (team): Gold
  • National Sports Festival Edo, Kyrugi Bronze Medalist
  • AGOMA Opens Championship Kano,.Kyrugi Gold Medalist


“The mission of Martial Arts (Self-Defence) is to empower individuals of all ages, regardless of size or physical condition, to excel mentally and physically and develop the self-assurance that makes them champions in all walks of life. Congratulations, you have just started the journey towards being a Champion.”

Grand Master Pius Ilukhor
8th Dan